All You Need To Know Concerning Gorilla Trekking In Africa



Tourists and visitors who come to Africa enjoy many attractions that are found there among them being gorilla trekking.  Some of the countries where you can get this activity includes Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo among other countries that have gorillas.  Three races of gorilla exist which is composed of western gorillas which live in the lowlands, Graueri that stays in the mountain areas of Africa and the eastern gorillas that also inhabits in the lowlands of these countries.  It is essential to note that the gorillas that live in the mountains regions are referred to as the giant apes in the tropical rainforests of Africa  They are largest primates that are known by the human kinds which live in the mountain areas.  You will get some of these apes in thick forest of Virunga and Bwindi in Uganda. Know more about Wheeled backpacks for travel  here.


With the reduced number of the apes to 650, many people are now worried of the diminishing ape species in the universe.  Some tourism conservation agencies have decided to carry out a campaign that will help to conserve the African heritage which will help in preventing the extinction of the ape species.  You will find some of the groups that have been formed such as the Gorilla fund project pleading for support from various individuals and government agencies to help them protect the life of the remaining gorillas.


In Africa, you will find many countries such as Congo, Uganda and Rwanda having the gorillas and other primate’s species living there and multiplying.  You will find many tourists coming to Africa to see gorillas’ despite the increase in the gorilla permit.  Many national parks and tour companies in Rwanda and Uganda have benefited from this activity as it brings a good revenue to the countries involved.  When you visit Uganda, you will realize that it is an obligation to go through the Silverback Gorilla trekking and the country represents the true beauty of nature.  When you visit some of the mountains that have the mountain gorillas, and you will get a chance to see where they live every day in the cold climates of this mountain.  The activity is very involving and captivating when you walk in the park in search for the apes.  Bwindi and Mhahinga national parks are some of the areas where you can get to see the apes easily.


Make sure that you are of appropriate age, you are in possession of gorilla tr      ekking permit and that you are prepared physically for the walk before starting the activity. Read more at this website about trekking.


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